All About the Methods of Hair Transplants

Hair transplants are the newest process of recovering or regrowing hair in parts of the scalp where it has receded or have been lost. It is a revolutionary process that a lot of companies that focus on hair restoration use to combat hair loss. Let us find out more about this process through this article.

The Process Called Follicular Unit Extraction

The FUE method or the follicular unit extraction is a new type of hair transplant process. It is more advanced than the usual hair transplant and has a higher accuracy than your normal ones. They extract some of your hair. They do this by cutting around your scalp where the hair that they want to take is located. Then they slowly separate and extract those hair from the scalp. After that, the extracted hair are stored along with other units that have harvested already until they have enough required by the operation.

Healing of the Scalp

After the surgeon has meticulously extracted the hair from your scalp, you can expect that it will have some small wounds. Don’t worry about infection though; the surgeon always does the operation with great care and surgical precision. Well, if there are wounds, it will also leave some scars. You can find these scars around the area where the hair has been taken. They will look like tiny white streaks that you can easily spot in a mirror.
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